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Top CBD Oils to Buy – Focus on Extraction Methods

Before we get to five products I feel comfortable suggesting to my family I would like to present a brief preface of information on extraction methods, potency and flavors. At the end of this article you will arrive at a list of my top CBD oils to buy, mainly from the standpoint of quality and my attempt to find the clean CBD oil.

Let’s get into four well-known extraction methods.

Method 1: CO2 extraction – Super Critical and cold

This method is also-known-as “super critical” because it retains critical cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds without removing them during the extraction process. Carbon dioxide extraction is attainable through four lengthy methods described here, but brings with it many benefits for users. The price of the product might be of concern but only until the study of extraction process has been done by the user. Apeks Extraction System Image

CO2 extraction does not involve unsafe components, it is performed at cold processing temperatures and produces a pure extract. CBD extracted in this manner should yield the most synergistic potion in terms of its health benefits by delivering a full pallet of phytonutrients in their most balanced state. This kind of CBD is praised by many scientists as the best possible type for us.

This extraction method is superior, involves expensive equipment, and the hemp product undergoes high pressure compression conditions. The process allows for a yield of a full-spectrum product which also reflects in the noticeably higher prices.

Method 2: Ethanol or Olive oil – Filter and higher temperature

This method involves mixing hemp material with alcohol or olive oil. Ethanol is know as a method that delivers CBD oils with full range of terpenes and cannabinoids. It is documented that ethanol method extracts chlorophyll and that does not improve the taste or color of the product. Ethanol Extraction System Image

In case of olive oil use in the process a mixture needs to be heated to 200 degrees Fahrenheit and filtered. Due to the added olive oil concentration of CBD extract being lower, consumption of a higher volume is required to achieve the same result as can be reached with super-critical derived oil.

From my research I gather, that Method 2 allows producers of CBD oil to scale their production up significantly. To further determine the winner between first two methods it will require some final product testing of efficacy, reaction time, taste and color.

Method 3: Cold processing – the Whole Plant raw oil

Cold Extraction System Apex Image

There are companies doing it a natural way, all the way! With the cold processing method it is possible to keep the working temperature below 95 degrees Fahrenheit and, as a result, maintain the hemp plant’s state as close to its natural form as possible.

This method produces oil extract that is thicker and can be consumed in its natural, raw condition. If you are searching for a cold pressed option, find out if you are getting a thicker consistency product. Balanced and natural hemp CBD oils will have 3:1 split between Omega 6 and Omega 3 oils.

Some manufacturers are keen on publishing their laboratory test results on the websites, others are not. Find out if the hemp is sourced from organic farm or is grown on clean soil – you are after the best product for you, so do not short change yourself.

Tip: When searching, type in “cold pressed CBD oil” for best results on this method.

Method 4: The Rick Simpson way – Marijuana plants

The Rick Simpson method might not be your best choice if you are after CBD-rich extract as it involves use of hydrocarbons – butane, propane, pentane or acetone.

With this method hemp plant is submerged in a solvent and then steeped. Rick Simpson Method Image

In the process compounds are stripped from hemp material and continue to boil in order to evaporate hydrocarbons. When hydrocarbons are removed we are left with the CBD oil, but also a variety of contaminants. Presence of contaminants created using this method raises the question of the overall benefit of this approach.

It appears as if this method is more common with cannabis, when the goal is to achieve THC-rich extract rather than a CBD-rich product. An additional negative to this straight-forward method is that the solvents involved are flammable and could be dangerous.

Choose Quality and Test It

Take the time and decide what resonates with you and your body’s best option, then choose quality and test it yourself! Top Rated Race Image

As I promised at the beginning of this article, a list of researched companies will be provided. Here is my list and respective categories for CBD extraction approach:

1) I came across The Elixinol, a company based in Broomfield, Colorado. They have extensive experience sourcing hemp from multiple locations across the globe and struck me as people who are experts in their particular profession. The founder, Paul Benhaim, has been involved in the industry for more than 25 years – his knowledge and sourcing of clean hemp seems to be extensive, reaching a far as Eastern Europe for hemp stock deliveries. Elixinol 300mg Tincture Image

They use CO2 extraction method and promote it as best system to achieve full spectrum CBD. This brings me to Elixinol’s amazing 300 potency product, with their smallest volume glass container available for sale.

2) next up on my list is a company out of Oregon which produces USDA certified CBD oil with organically, locally sourced hemp plants. It appears to me that they are working with local hemp farmers to source their hemp plants. The cold press approach (the Method 3), takes the hemp plant and processes it whole to extract CBD in its most natural state. Apex CBD Hemp Oil Image 30 ml

I know, people might have their own opinion on this, but according to the company’s website, the whole hemp plants are used and they are crushing it with the cold press approach, getting the most out of it as naturally as possible.

The company is Apex Hemp Oil and it has many positive reviews from the users that have actually experienced the benefits of CBD with their pain and injuries! These reviews include MMA fighters that have sustained significant abuse of their bodies. What appeals to me is their approach to keeping it as natural as possible – the whole operation model dictates that they will only do cold press in order to deliver product as close to its natural state as it can be. Period.

Last but not least,

3) Another company also using CO2 extraction method is THE CBDISTILLERY. You can be redirected to their website by clicking the image below. Displayed is their most potent CBD product, no THC in it, and can lead you to research more about various products in the market. The CBDistillery has a wide plethora of items for sale and I recommend you visit the FAQ section where you can quickly reference if you should be using CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD products!

CBDistillery 30 ml Container Image

Based in Denver, Colorado this company was established by Colorado natives. They provide 3rd party test results for their products and can be accessed by scanning QR codes printed on the product labels.

If you happen to be detail oriented, you will end up conducting additional research.

You are worth it, so take the time to find the best CBD oil extract for you. Your research will only help you discover and deliver the great, healing capabilities that CBD holds for the whole of humanity.

Until next time! 

4 thoughts on “Top CBD Oils to Buy – Focus on Extraction Methods

  1. Ahimbe

    I am glad to learn how CBD oil is made but I realize it is done by people with a good chemistry background especially The Rick Simpson way. It looks the easiest yet the most dangerous.
    I have liked the first three extraction methods. The technology used is sophisticated and clean.
    I will go with any Carbon-dioxide extraction method product due to its recommendation by many scientists and CBD Tincture – Hemp Oil Drops 300mg CBD – Natural Flavor, to be exact.

    1. Gints Post author

      Hello Ahimbe!

      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate your feedback and hope that, if needed, information presented in my article will aid you in making that best choice.

      Best wishes!

  2. Amanda Blaine

    Wow I am very impressed by your article, I was under the impression that the Rick Simpson way would be the most beneficial in cure of diseases, I really didn’t know it had contaminants or that it would be flammable.

    In my opinion I think cold pressing the whole plant would be most beneficial, because this process keeps the plant in its most natural state and therefore would have more healing properties wouldn’t it?

    I know many people that would never even consider this approach before are now opening their eyes to the fact that this plant has been here for years and were just now able to use it for medicinal purposes.

    1. Gints Post author

      Dear Amanda,
      I’m glad you spotted cold pressing of CBD as one of the favorable methods of extraction. My list of items to test personally is CBD oil sold by Apex Hemp Oil. They are making their products with cold pressed method and can’t wait to get my hands on it.
      In one of my future articles I will share my impression on their product.

      Presenting of benefits from medicinal use of hemp products is the reason I started this website. Too many people are going about heath issues without even considering what natural hemp has to offer!

      Thank you for your comment!

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