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What is in CBD Oil? – Various Oil Types and Important Terpenes

Many people are looking for answers to this question – what is in CBD oil? This article will briefly describe contents of CBD products diluted in different oils.

Main Components of a Good CBD Extract

They vary in content and proportions from one manufacturer to the other. Mainly you will notice that CBD oils get different carrier oils. Carrier oil is important, just as CBD itself and its quality. Just about anything we attempt to research can lead us to wide array of information if we allow ourselves to wander and it is not different with CBD and oil.

Tincture bottle and spoon imageThere two main components we always encounter as we read product label information – carrier oil and CBD extract itself. Less often mentioned cousins of CBD are CBC and CBG which might not show up the label but usually are there if you have purchased a full spectrum CBD oil. Let’s look at what each component is and why it is important.

CBD in Brief

The three letters that are carving deep paths into our minds with every year that we learn more, use it more. CBD is the part everybody focuses on most because the potency of it promises help we seek. If we decided to take CBD by itself we would have to call it CBD isolate as it would be in its solo form.

You would probably be surprised to find out that when in isolate form CBD resembles white crystal substance. In chemistry and research following CBD synonyms have been recorded- Cannabidiol, “(-)-Cannabidiol” and “(-)-trans-Cannabidiol”. Chem Structure CBD imageChemist Roger Adams was the first one who isolated CBD compound and it happened in year 1940!

CBD interacts with our body in almost miraculous ways and that is due to receptors in our system that allow for absorption of beneficial compounds CBD inhibits. Just remember to check what kind of CBD you are purchasing because it can be in isolate form or full spectrum CBD. Refrain from anything synthetic – we know that nature has the perfect way to bring us plants that provide us with essential components, naturally!

Various Carrier oils make CBD Bioavailable

In order to help with absorption into our body it is best to dilute CBD in carrier oil which will essentially perform as a medium for bringing in cannabidiol or CBD. Common carriers are hemp seed, olive or coconut oils and you will also find these in varieties flavored with terpenes depending on manufacturers’ assortment.

The main purpose of carrier oil is to make CBD more bioavailable to our body system. If we were to ingest CBD isolates in its crystalline form it would not be as beneficial to us. Hemp oil is obtained by pressing hemp seeds which are cleaned to 99.99% before processing begins. Interestingly, essential fatty acids are naturally present in hemp seed oil with ratio of 3 to 1 between Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. If you are interested in this method I suggest looking at this Apex Hemp oil for more information – they use cold press method to extract hemp oil for their products.

Olive oil has been well-known food for centuries and recent research suggests that in of itself olive oil can promote strong anti-inflamatory effects. Look for extra virgin olive oil used in CBD extract and you will receive oleocanthal, the component responsible for easing inflammatory degenerative joint diseases. If you have ever experienced burning sensation at the back of your throat, it is because your olive oil contains oleocanthal. Olive oil imageFor those interested in controlling the ingredients and end result you might want to research making your own CBD infused oil by adding CBD to extra or simply virgin olive oil from respected manufacturer.

Fractioned coconut oil (MCT) is regarded as one of the best for this purpose as it does not have any taste and is very stable due to almost completely removed long chain tryglicerades. Tryglicerades are basically saturated fats and medium and long type have different number of carbons in their atomic chain. Coconut oil contains many medium chain tryglicerades so beneficial for our health. When you come across MCT oil noted on the product as carrier that means you are ingesting pure form of oil with concentrated medium chain saturated fats.

Products containing vegetable glycerin are also available for purchase. Some companies have chosen palm, soy or coconut oil derived glycerin for their CBD oil product line. Vegetable glycerin is commonly used for soaps, shampoos and is used widely in tinctures and pharmaceutical applications. There are benefits with use of glycerin compared to alcohol in tinctures and glycerin will not cause tooth decay, has lower glycemic index as it is converted to sugar at slower rate than alcohol. Aromatics, enzymes are preserved by glycerin and it will maintain components of extract suspended in molecular matrix in this type of CBD carrier.

Terpenes and Added Goodness

Linked to so called entourage effect terpenes are important with anything CBD. Many terpenes are available for us in a plant and spice world. About 120 terpenes (when pronounced – tur-peens) are found in industrial hemp and these are less aroomatic than ones found in cannabis plant.

In any case terpenes are naturally occuring and give specific aromatic and color characteristics to oils extracted from hemp seeds. Terpenes Up Close Image

If CBD has not been completely isolated, then you will more than likely ingest the following well-known terpenes:

  • Pinene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool
  • Limonene

Each of above mentioned terpenes will affect us in a different way and may help with a variety of ailments. For example, Pinene is anti-proliferative, anti-inflamatory, and analgesic. Caryophyllene is found to be neuroprotective, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, and also anti-oxidant.

If you are seeking muscle relaxation, Myrcene will aid with that as it is found to be a general body-buzz terpene. Myrcene just like all above mentioned types are anti-bacterial in nature. Next up is Linalool, famous for antipsychotic properties as well as sedative properties. Linalool is said to aid with epilepcy issues and is also found in lavender, basil, mint and cinnamon.

Limonene is immune boost producing terpene and is credited with uplifting mood, is anti-fungal in nature. Many resources are available for those interested to extend their research of terpenes.

Here is an example of terpenes analysis document provided by one of the hemp seed oil manufacturers.

Terpenes analysis image 3

Additionally, I found it very informative this table of Terpenes – quick guide and where terpenes can be found in nature.

And now, let’s look at less known “cousins” of the CBD family…


CBG and CBC – although less mentioned but still great due to their characteristics of healing and effects on our body.

CBG or Cannabigerol has tested as non-psychoactive, sleep-inducing. It is also anti-microbial and lowers intra-ocular pressure (IOP) Glaucoma.

CBC or Cannabichromene has a sedative effect and it moderates the effects of THC, is analgesic (pain relieving) and non-psychoactive. It has demonstarted success as a remedy for migraines and decreasing inflammation. Both of these compounds are found in smaller quantities compared to CBD but are super important when full spectrum products are considered. The entourage effect would not be the same without these two components.

Allow that Preferred Taste to Guide You

Choose what you feel is best for you, especially in terms of carrier oil choice. You already have experienced olive oil somewhere in a restaurant or at home during cooking. Weigh the benefits and eliminate any kind of side effect concerns by researching possible reactions to one or the other type of oils. Vegetable glycerin has its side effects noted on some of the websites – do your own research to proof the type of carrier oil and CBD you are interested in tasting. Terpenes Strawberry image

If you are interested in different aromas and tastes I encourage you to look at a variety of terpenes tinctures – this might be an additional choice for those looking for a particular taste pallete.

May your search be successful! 

2 thoughts on “What is in CBD Oil? – Various Oil Types and Important Terpenes

  1. Tohin

    I have heard a lot about CBD but I must say this is the first time I am reading such an in-depth and highly informative article on CBD.
    Never knew there are also terms like CBC and CBG which are like the other types or should I say, Sub-categories of it.
    At least now I know what kind of carrier oils to look for when deciding on a home-made CBD infusion. And, Yes, will definitely do my research for further side effects and goodness of those oils respectively.

    Thank you very much for such a masterpiece of information.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Gints

      Hello Tohin!
      Thank you for your comment and kind words! Details are very important and ingredients not only in CBD tinctures but also our food are playing an important part in how we feel.

      Only after a thorough “check and verify” of ingredient list one can be somewhat sure of what it is they are about to consume. I find that when one has figured out a list of what ingredients are unacceptable, it becomes easier to narrow down the list of choices and pick a product most suitable for occasion or problem.

      Best wishes!

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